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arrow Writing award winning entries takes a great deal of time, skill and resource.

Most businesses can't afford to take their eye off day to day responsibilities to spend time finding the right awards to enter and then gather the evidence essential in creating an engaging entry.

We are dedicated to helping clients identify the most impactful awards in their industry, taking the hassle out of the award entry process and greatly increasing their chances of winning.

Whether you are a business or individual, STEELBIZZ will:
  • Work collaboratively with you to understand your goals
  • Help you find, enter and win the awards you deserve
  • Give you time back to remain completely focused on your business priorities.
To date, we have achieved 100% shortlist success with a 75% win rate for clients who range from start-up businesses to some of the biggest brands in the UK. See what some of them had to say here...

We offer a bespoke consultancy around all areas of awards and recognition.

Help you plan your awards strategy

  • Understand your business objectives & key success stories
  • Critical path development and budgeting

Help you prepare your awards entry

  • Evidence gathering; using available company information and interviewing relevant stakeholders
  • Write your awards entry
  • Design content look and feel
  • Manage the relationship with the awarding body
  • Some finalist stages involve a presentation. In such cases, STEELBIZZ can offer presentation services such as script & slide development

Help you to maximise on your win

  • PR services including press release writing & generating news stories with relevant media

For an initial no obligation consultation please send your details via the form on our contacts page or call 07730 582 011.

Cost is tailored to each client dependent on individual needs & awards involved.

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